cooperative educational service agency 8

Title I Program Elements

Title I Program Elements Critical program elements are:

  • comparability,
  • parent involvement,
  • evaluation of services provided to students enrolled in private schools,
  • high-quality teachers and paraprofessionals,
  • coordination of services for homeless students in non-Title I schools,
  • needs assessment and program plan design, and
  • sanctions and support for schools identified for improvement (SIFI).

Delineations of Services

Statewide Network Title I Free Services

CESA 8 Title I Fee for Service Options

Title I Grant Application Consultation

  • Provide overview of ESEA application
  • Provide phone or email support for technical questions

Title I Grant Application Service

  • Facilitate planning process for ESEA application
  • On-site review of application process

Title I Coordinator Meetings

  • Provide New Title I Coordinator Orientation to provide broad overview of all Title Requirements and a suggested timeline for district activities
  • Provide two Title I Coordinators Meetings open to all districts in CESA 8
    •  Address Title I compliance and programming including guidelines for consultation with private schools, needs assessment, coordination with other programs, parent involvement, and ESEA monitoring requirements
    •  Keep Title I Coordinators informed with DPI updates from statewide Title I network meetings
    • Provide technical assistance and support to ESEA/Title I coordinators regarding Title I programming requirements

Title I Coordinator Support Service

  •  Facilitate Spring and Fall consultation meetings between private/public school representatives to develop, review and finalize an ESEA Collaborative Agreement
  • Provide onsite support for development of needs assessment process
  •  Consultation to review and analyze needs assessment data
  •  Facilitate Schoolwide planning process
  • Assist with budget and program revisions
  •  Provide onsite program support: quarterly and as requested
  • Provide support for parent involvement
    • Develop district/school policy
    • Develop school compacts
    •  Notification and right to know requirements
  • Onsite review and submission of End-of-Year Report
  •  Develop and facilitate local annual review of Title I programming
  •   Assist with preparation for ESEA monitoring

Focus and Priority Schools

  • Provide technical assistance to schools identified as Focus and Priority Schools

Focus and Priority Schools

  • Facilitate development of school improvement plan

Professional Development

  • Assess Title I Professional Development needs of districts across CESA 8

Provide three professional development workshops/trainings


Professional Development Services

  • Onsite Title I Coordinator/Teacher Support
  • Coaching implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • RtI Networking Series