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ESEA Application Information

The 2017-18 ESEA Application is open and the preliminary allocations for Title I-A, TII-A, and TI-D have been loaded. The 2016-17 End-of-Year Report is also open and ready for completion. You may access the grant applications and End-of-Year Report on this website. DPI will notify districts when the Title I-C and Title III-A allocations become available.

For your information, an excel spreadsheet of the 2017-18 allocations by district is also available for viewing at: http://esea.dpi.wi.gov/

The deadline to submit all the 2017-18 Title applications is October 20, 2017 and the 2016-17 End-of-Year Report is September 30, 2017. Please upload the district’s signed assurances, debarment, and private school affirmation forms in WISEgrant to the ESEA application by July 1, 2017. The forms need to be approved by DPI before the district can submit any grant application.

Helpful Hints for the ESEA Application

  • Start at the top of the screen and work your way down. Skipping ahead may cause errors and problems.
  • Upload signed assurances, debarment, and private school affirmation forms by July 1st.
  • Update all contacts and users. This website provides tips on getting started.
  • A “Copy Budget” function is available for some Titles. This function allows users to copy the last approved budget from the previous year into the current year. Do not use this function if there are significant changes from last year to this year. (For example, LEAs with schools implementing the Title I schoolwide model for the first time should not use this function for the Title I budget.)
  • Do NOT skip ahead to the “Copy Budget” function. Skipping ahead will cause errors and problems.

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