cooperative educational service agency 8


What do Employees say about working at CESA 8:

"Working at CESA 8 is like working with family.  We have one of the best office atmospheres that I have
experienced and enjoy going to work."

"I must admit my childhood years were spent in a rural setting.  That being said going to college in Chicago Metro area gave me a different view of urban living.  I currently live in Green Bay, but for the past six years have chosen to work at CESA 8 because I knew my presence as an educator could make a positive difference in young learners school experience. Well those good thoughts aside, I do have to admit that I have a daily work commute, but I want to assure you that roads to the CESA 8 schools are well maintained year round.  I have never thought the commute was anything but a time to organize my day ahead or decompress on the ride home."

"CESA 8 supporting staff and administration have been accessible.  Colleagues are friendly and helpful. CESA 8 is a nice place to work."

"I like the variety offered to me as a school psychologist. I find the assignment challenging, and the training available for professional and personal development is awesome. The salary and benefits are very competitive as well."

"I am excited about the vision and direction of special education services at CESA 8. I have the opportunity to be involved with numerous projects and roles with my districts. These have been unique, interesting, and promotes continual professional growth."

"I appreciate the support staff that are CESA 8 employees in assigned schools. I personally enjoy the flexibility allotted within my role. I also appreciate progressive directions provided by leadership and the recognition that we are a “business” providing valued services to students and school."

"Good leadership. Good people. I like being an itinerant. Like a family. Encourage growth and training."

"I really appreciate CESA 8 as an employer which invests in my professional and personal growth. Lifelong learning is valued, encouraged, and recognized."

"I love my job at CESA 8. I know that I am not only appreciated but also valued. I am constantly learning."

"I work with a caliber of colleagues that are extraordinary experts in their fields. I can literally see the changes taking effect from their teachings in our school districts, ultimately benefiting our children."

"I like working alongside high quality educators that cause me to bring my “A” game every day."

"We are one united team that has the potential to meet more needs in our districts when we are aware of not only our needs to be effective and the necessary supports to have them realized but the leadership to make sure it will happen."

"Friendly, helpful, and resourceful office staff. Positive atmosphere. Supportive work environment. Synergistic team."

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