cooperative educational service agency 8

Office Staff Directory

CESA 8 - 223 West Park Street, Gillett, WI 54124
Phone - 920.855.2114 | Fax- 920.855.2299

Name Extension Department Email
Aprill, Lynn 226 Director of Education for Economic Developement laprill@cesa8.org
Brink, Darla 273 Director of  Literacy Center and Title I dbrink@cesa8.org
Dear, Debby 240 Vision Impaired Teacher debbydear@cesa8.org
DePouw, Kristen Audiologist kdepouw@cesa8.org
Feldner, Stephanie 280 Director of Professional Development sfeldner@cesa8.org
Grenke, Jennifer 245 PBIS, Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator (RTAC) SWIS Facilitator jgrenke@cesa8.org or grenkej@wisconsinPBISnetwork.org
Honish, David 223 Agency Administrator dhonish@cesa8.org  
Kaliebe, Betty 252 Graphic/Web Developer - CIA Program Asst. bettyk@cesa8.org
Kaczmarek, Jessica 241 Business Office Coordinator jessicak@cesa8.org
Knickerbocker, John 227 LVEC Director knickerb@cesa8.org
Koebach, Heather 248 Accountant hkoebach@cesa8.org
Lambrecht, Sue 238 Special Ed Program Assistant/Budgeting
Lane, Jamie 920.676.3017 ERVING Director ervingnetwork@gmail.com
Laurich, JoAnne 250 Transition and Assistive Technology Coordinator jlaurich@cesa8.org
Mannebach, Dawn   Autism-Behavioral Consultant
School Psychologist
Miller, JoAnn 279 Director of Continuous Improvement jmiller@cesa8.org
Misco, Lisa 233 Special Education Director lmisco@cesa8.org
Moynihan, Tammy 237 Associate Director of CIA tmoynihan@cesa8.org
Philipps, Julie 249 Disproportionality Grants Program Assistant jphilipps@cesa8.org
Poulos, Justyn 608.697.8615 RtI Center-PBIS, Asst. Director (CESA 5) poulosj@wisconsinPBISnetwork.org or jpoulos@cesa8.org
Schreiter, Wendi   Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator wschreiter@cesa8.org
Schuettpelz, Sue 232 Special Ed. Program Assistant susans@cesa8.org
Spatz, Cari 247 PBIS Program Assistant (CESA 5) spatzc@wisconsinPBISnetwork.org  or cspatz@cesa8.org
Soderbeck, Joelle 256 Payroll Administrator jsoderbeck@cesa8.org
Torres, Pamela   D-TAN, Support ptorres@cesa8.org
Tress, Aly 222 Talent and Business Operations Director atress@cesa8.org
Trevor, Ellayne 221 Special Education Program Assistant SBS/MACC, Billing Services etrevor@cesa8.org
Tuttle, Kathy   TIG ktuttle@cesa9.org
Van Hoof, Chris 278 Director of CIA chrisvh@cesa8.org
Wall, Deb 265 Statewide RSN Coordinator dwall@cesa8.org
Zimmerman, Ruth 261 PASS Program Assistant rzimmer1@cesa8.org