cooperative educational service agency 8

CESA 8 Reimbursement
Allowances 2018-19

Type of Expense CESA Approval Level
Personal Vehicle Mileage 54.5¢  per mile with proper claim
CESA-Owned Vehicle program charges 54.5¢  per mile with proper claim
Tolls and parking fees Actual cost – with receipt
Commercial transport (air, taxi, rental car) Actual cost with prior approval
Overnight lodging GSA rate $93.00 ($122.00 Madison) or higher actual with prior approval - check www.gsa.gov/portal/category/21287
Work related long distance calls Actual cost with itemized bill
Personal long distance calls Up to $3 when away from home itemized billing
Special costs conference registrations/fees Actual cost with prior approval and receipt
Tips and gratuities Actual cost with itemized listing (15% max) 
Tips over $5.00 per incident need receipt
Meals w/gratuities (15% max) (reimbursement contingent upon overnight travel or CESA 8 business being conducted) Actual cost up to maximum 
Under $5.00/no receipt needed
Breakfast ~ $8.00
Lunch ~ $14.00
Dinner ~ $29.00
Meals will be reimbursed up to combined 
maximum of $51.00  with receipts
Metro expenses may exceed guidelines with prior approval - www.gsa.gov
State & Federal project reimbursement allowances override these amounts