cooperative educational service agency 8

School-Based Services
Billing Proposal


Ellayne Trevor, Program Assistant, etrevor@cesa8.org - 920.855.2114 ext. 221

  • Your district will:
    Appoint a contact person at the district who has access to Special Education Files Send a list of all Special Education students receiving SPL, OT, PT and Nursing Services to CESA 8 Send a mailing list of all SPL, OT, and PT Therapists and Nurses in your district After CESA 8 notifies you of the eligibility status of your students, the district will need to send IEPs, OT and Nursing prescriptions on all students that are eligible. SPL, OT, PT Therapists and Nurses will need to complete the School Billing Form monthly and send to CESA 8.

  • CESA 8 will:
    Transmit information to EDS to determine eligibility status of your Special Education students Provide manuals and brochures applicable to therapists area of expertise Train Therapists and Nurses on forms and documentation procedures Maintenance of file documentation per regulations Keep abreast of changing regulations and notify therapists of these changes Track all billings and receipt of payment for service reimbursement Conduct yearly audits of students files receiving Medicaid reimbursement Transmit monthly billing logs to EDS for reimbursement