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Time Timer by Time Timer, LLC

A digital version of the autism "staple," the time timer, with additional features.

Great graphics, large size for individual or group use.

Additional features include:
customizable (or off) tones, clock option (see photo), additional customization options.
NOW save preset timers on the iPad version!
Very easy to use


Everyday Skills by AbleLink
For iPad
(pocket version for iTouch/Phone also available)

A collection of photo-illustrated guides to participation in community living skills.

This app contains content from the Attainment Company. Narrated photographs walk the individual through steps to 40 different school/home/community activities such as getting a haircut, going to a variety of stores and restaurants, pet care, chores, medical appointments, signs, riding the school bus, going to school, and more.

Some photos depict children and others depict older individuals, depending on content.


Living Safely by AbleLink
for iPad
(pocket version for iTouch/Phone also available)

A  collection of illustrated and narrated safety concepts for individuals with significant living skills challenges.

High quality and salient drawings from the Attainment Company illustrate safety in 27 categories/environments of daily living. Includes fire safety in the bathroom and kitchen, food handling, sports safety, passenger and pedestrian safety, relationship and internet safety and more.

Each photo is narrated with clear speech.
Nice interface prevents frustrating accidental selection.

Geared to the older student or adult.


First/Then Visual Schedule by Good Karma Apps

Elegant schedule app for simple schedules:
single item
list view

This is a beautiful solution for the complexity of putting together first/then schedules. First/Then schedules made with velcro generally require some manipulation (or multiple page flip book setup) to work. First/Then takes care of this elegantly. Full view, split view (2) and list view with option for auditory prompts and check off when done (great for list view).
File sharing! 


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