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Where can assistance be obtained?

Since the program materials are self directed it is possible to implement the PASS programs without any formal inservice training. In such cases usually written information received from CESA 8 along with a follow-up phone conversation with the Wisconsin PASS Coordinator is sufficient.

A staff orientation and training session may be arranged with the Wisconsin PASS Coordinator. Depending upon the number of participants and the depth of assistance requested such sessions range from one hour to two and one-half hours. Follow-up assistance is usually conducted over the phone.

Assistance can be arranges by contacting:

JoAnn Miller, Wisconsin PASS Coordinator
223 West Park Street
Gillett WI 54124-0320
920.855.2114 ext. 279
toll free 800.831.6391 ext. 279
fax: 920.855.2299

For questions about material or to place an order contact:
Ruth Zimmerman, Program Assistant
223 West Park Street
Gillett WI 54124-0320
920.855.2114 ext. 261
toll free 800.831.6391 ext. 261
fax: 920.855.2299

How are the Programs Implemeted?

The following are suggested steps to ensure the successful implementation of PASS/Mini PASS programs:

  1. Accept the program as a viable, alternative means for students to earn full or partial credit that best meets local/state needs.
  2. Assess student needs and match available program courses to these needs.
  3. Select ways and means of delivering the programs to students -- where, when and how.
  4. Provide the student/s with program information to facilitate the decision to participate in the PASS/Mini PASS program or not.
  5. Arrange for instructional contact person/s to serve the student/s selected.
  6. Provide inservice training as needed to contact personnel.
  7. Order courses for students to be served.
  8. Schedule student-teacher contact time.
  9. Complete all records and reports upon termination of each course.
  10. Dispose of used student activity books. 


What are the Key Features of this Program?

Three key features of the PASS/Mini PASS programs are appropriateness, flexibility and credibility.

The appropriateness of the programs is exhibited in their design which:

  • meets the needs for independent/semi-independent study courses for use by middle and high school students
  • allows students to progress at their own pace
  • encourages parent involvement
  • offers courses that can be taken for-full or partial credit
  • making up deficiencies
  • remediation
  • meeting graduation or promotion requirements
  • self improvement or enrichment

The flexibility of the PASS/Mini PASS programs is demonstrated by:

  • service to one student or many
  • student contacts in school, at home or in alternative programs
  • scheduling frequency of student contacts as needed or practicable
  • operating during the summer, school year or both
  • being centrally or locally administered

The credibility of the programs is maintained through:

  • a fairly uniform, sound, generic curriculum that also meets most the needs of individual districts and states
  • assurance that student work and tests are professionally assigned and monitored
  • complete and accurate student record keeping systems
  • the professional integrity of state and local coordinators who ensure that course materials are used as intended


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